Linking to an External Bug Tracker

Open the "Settings" menu item and then select "Options". The options dialog, shown below, has a section "External Bug Tracking Tool". This section contains an entry field for a "View bug" path and an "Add bug" path. The view bug path is used in conjunction with the Fault Report ID field and the View/Add buttons of a project test case.

First the path to the bug tracking tool needs to be set in the options. The two examples below (figs 1 & 2) show the paths that have been entered for Bugzilla and Mantis running on the localhost.

Fig 1. Linking to Bugzilla Fig 2. Linking to Mantis


Fig 3. Project Test Case - Fault Report ID


The "View bug" path should be the command used by the bug tracker to view a bug, minus the identifying parameter. When the "View" button is clicked on the project test case edit screen (fig 3) it will add the data from the Fault Report ID field. For example the "1" value in the Fault Report ID field will be added to the value "http://localhost/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=" from the "View bug" path" to form "http://localhost/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1". An attempt will then be made to open this location in the default browser (fig 4).

The "Add bug" path should be the command used by the bug tracker for adding a new bug. This address will be opened in the default browser when the "Add" button on the project test case edit dialog is clicked. Once the bug has been added you will need to paste the new bug number in the Fault Report ID field manually as this information cannot be retrieved by TestLog.


Fig 4. Viewing a bug in an external tool


If your bug tracker requires you to login before viewing or adding a bug then the first time you open the external bug tracker it will generally display it's login screen before the page that was requested. You will need to log in correctly before the page is displayed. Once you have logged in the session will remain open until TestLog is closed. If you wish to avoid logging in each time there is usually a "Remember login" option that you can check, but this is only advised if you will be the only person accessing the bug tracker from the computer and it doesn't infringe your security policies.