Security Guide - Windows User Groups Part 1

Windows User Groups and security permissions can be used to control access to various parts of a TestLog database. In this example we are going to create 2 groups, 1 for TestLog administrators that will have full control over the database and 1 for TestLog users which will only have write access to the projects part of the database. The guide is split into two parts and contains the following steps;

Part 1

Part 2

Creating Groups

To create a user group, open the Windows control panel. Open Administrative Tools, Computer Management and then select the Local Users and Groups item.

Fig 1. Local Users and Groups

To create a new group right click on the Groups folder and select "New Group...". Type in the group name, description and if you already have the appropriate user account setup add the users that need to be granted administrator access. Once you've pressed the create button enter the details for the TestLog Users group and add the user accounts that will need to be granted user access.

Fig 2. Creating the TestLog Administrators group

Fig 3. Creating the TestLog Users group

Setting Initial Permissions

Next we need to set the correct initial permissions using the security tab (see fig 4 & 5). Right click the root directory of the database in explorer and select the properties, in the example we are using "C:\testDB". If the database is being shared across a network be sure to set permissions in the the sharing tab (see fig 6) as well as the security tab. Click Allow for the Full Control option for the TestLog Administrators group and make sure the TestLog Users group is restricted to read only, setting the Write permission to "Deny" for the users ensures they cannot write to any of the files..

Fig 4. Security Tab - Administrator group Fig 5. Security Tab - User group


Fig 6. Sharing Permissions

Continue on to Part 2 of the guide for the sections Setting Additional Permissions and How it works with TestLog.