TestLog 3.0 Web Access FAQs

Last updated 11/January/2010

Q. How can i download the web access module?

The web access version is included in the TestLog download, during installation a CGI folder is created in the TestLog directory. This folder contain the web access module (TestLogCGI.cgi) and the config file (cgiconfig.cfg).


Q. Is there a trial period for the web access module?

There is a trial key for 1 user already installed in the web access config file, this key will not expire but will only allow a single user to log into the the web access version at any one time.


Q. Is there a different license for the web access module?

Yes there is, a web access license allows a user to be logged into the web access module, the number of web access license's you have determines the number of simultaneous logged in users. The TestLog trial download comes with a free single web access license that allows one user to be logged in at a time

Q. How do I install my license key

See Entering license keys - TestLog Web Access.

Q. Is there a version of TestLog web access available for the Mac or Linux?

TestLog Web Access needs to be installed on a Windows web server. Once installed and running it can be accessed by a web browser on a Linux or Mac machine.


Q. Are the standalone license and web access license interchangeable?

No, they are separate products and a license key from one cannot be used to register the other.


Q. What are the differences between the web access module and TestLog?

  • The web access version needs to be installed on a web server and access through a browser
  • Only test cases and project test case can be edited in the web access version
  • Only test cases / project test cases and test suites / project test suites can be created in the web version. No other new items (projects, reports, users, configs, filters etc) can be created in the web access version, they must be created using the standalone version
  • No items can be deleted using the web access version
  • The standalone version is used to administer the access rights and passwords for users of the web access version

Q. Web access returns the error "Unable to create lockfile. Please check write permissions are enabled for the Apache/IIS user for this database." when trying to edit a test case.

This indicates a permissions problem where the web server doesn't have write or create permissions for the database folder. You will need to give the appropriate permissions to the web server user (IIS_WPG/Internet Guest Account for IIS). Also when assigning permissions click on the Advanced button on the security tab to check that there are no inherited permissions preventing writing and file creation.

Q. What's the best way to get started quickly?

We recommend that you consult the "Accessing TestLog Remotely - Web Access" topic of the help file. Installations steps and an overview of the config file is available in this section.

Q. Can I link to an external bug tracking tool from TestLog Web Access?

Yes, the ADDBUGPATH and VIEWBUGPATH sections of the web access config file will need to be changed the required links, see "CGI Config File" in the "Installing TestLog Web Access (CGI)" section of the help file for more information.