TestLog Version History

Last updated 31/Aug/2016

Here’s a summary of all the changes that have been made in each version of TestLog.


Version 3.2 build 1000 31/Aug/2016

  • Minor update for new internal changes resulting from the use of an updated compiler
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when viewing reports

Version 3.1 build 1000 9/Feb/2015

  • Reverted the previous build changes to the handling of ctrl-a as it was preventing the ctrl-a command being sent to other applications when the edit window was open even if TestLog did not have focus. This should only be evident in some single line fields in Windows XP where ctrl-a will not work due to Windows XP limitations. The right click menu "Select all" option can be used instead.
  • Changed default directory for CSV and web exports to the current user "Documents" directory
  • The ID column can no longer be hidden in list views so at least one column is always displayed
  • Improved the error message when failing to create a report if the reports folder was missing
  • Changed the behaviour when generating a report when there was a planned end date, set older than the current date, and no actual end date set. Previously status changes (for progress reports) would not be shown after the planned end date as the graph would finish. Now the current date will be used for the end date.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a new database could not be created in the selected directory (eg if permissions were preventing it)
  • Made some internal changes resulting from the use of an updated compiler

Version 3.0 build 1028 10/August/2010

  • Fixed bug in sort order of test cases for exported web pages and web version of TestLog
  • Fixed a bug in the templates that was preventing the title of test cases and project test cases from being edited correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the TestLog options where the "Incremental IDs on new" was linked to the "Incremental IDs on duplication" option, causing it to be set depending on the duplication selection.
  • Fixed a bug where the selected template for the web export was not always being applied.
  • Added a <h2> tag to project test suite names in web export (export to one file)
  • Added a <h3> tag to project report type headings in web export (export to one file)

Version 3.0 build 1027 21/September/2009

  • Added link to fault report ID field if using an external bug tracker in web version of test list report
  • Fixed the help icon on main toolbar not opening the help overview
  • Fixed a bug with the web export where links to test suite or test case names that contained some characters (several requiring HTML encoding, eg #) were not being generated correctly
  • Changed the CSV export for fields that begin with '-', '+' or '='so they begin with a space character and are wrapped in "" as a workaround for Excel. Previously it would consider it a formula and limit the number of imported characters.
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a test suite to a shorter name could write extra (unnecessary) XML to the saved file
  • Fixed a bug where editing an item in the web version and removing extra information could leave extra (unnecessary) XML in the saved file
  • Fixed a possible bug when checking for available write permissions when creating a new file that could sometimes prevent users creating a file even when they had correct permissions
  • Fixed a possible crash in the web version when viewing a report when the web server does not have permission to create files in the image director

Version 3.0 build 1026 22/April/2009

  • Added version and build to header of TestLog web access
  • Added "Read/Write/Create" permission to testers so there are now three levels of permissions for users in the web version (Read, Read/Write and Read/Write/create)
  • Changed session control, replacing current 1 cookie per session per database with 1 cookie and 1 session with multiple databases in each session file. Now a user can log into several databases at a time without increasing the logged in user count more than once
  • Updated text when creating a new test case/suite in the web version to "New test case/suite ID" Updated template files to alter the order of some fields for more consistency
  • Changed filter drop down list on menu bar so it should sort correctly when a new filter is added / renamed.
  • When creating a new test case or project test case in the web version:
    • the priority will default to medium instead of highest
    • the expected and actual time taken will default to 00:0
  • When creating a new project test case in the web version:
    • the number of attempts will default to 0 instead of no value
    • the date and time of last attempt will default to N/A
    • the type and phase will default to the first in the list
  • Added current date to create date and time to new test case and project test case as default when created in web version
  • If a default version and build has been defined web version will use this when creating a project test case
  • Changed error message given when no name was entered when creating a new test case or test suite in the web version
  • Removed "New Test Suite" and "New Test Cases" links from Actions when already creating a new test case or test suite
  • Changed TestLog web version to check for expired sessions while on the database display page to reflect how many users are currently logged in rather than just on the login page
  • Changed HTML editor so it will now open over the top of the current TestLog window, noticeable in dual monitor setups where previously it would default to the center of the first monitor even if TestLog was open on the second
  • Changed "Check for updates" to download file to a different temp directory to avoid some vista issues with file permissions
  • Fixed a bug where filters were not being removed/updated from the filter menu correctly during a full refresh
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on a project test case after viewing a test case details report was not clearing the details report from the view window properly
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when filtering based on a notes field
  • Fixed bug where in the web version when viewing a project the typo "New Project New Test Suite" was displayed in the actions menu, this has been changed to "New Project Test Suite"
  • Fixed a possible buffer overflow when opening the HTML edit window for the Results field in project test cases
  • Fixed a bug where after renaming a test case in the edit window it could still appear locked in the tree view
  • Fixed a bug where after renaming a test case in the edit window the list view information may not be updated properly
  • Fixed a bug in the filters where matching items were not being displayed in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where when creating multiple reports using the report wizard in some cases one of the newly created reports may not be displayed

Version 3.0 build 1025 4/November/2008

  •  Added creation of new items to web version, two new actions will appear in the header section where applicable for New Test Case,  New Project Test Case and New Test Suite, New Project Test Suite.
  • Added %TL_PROJECT% flag to "add" and "view" bug paths. TestLog will replace this flag with the current project name when creating links to a bug tracker.
  • Added ability to Web export and web module to show matching status icon for project test cases when displayed as a list under a project test suite
  • Added :CHARSET: option to cgi config file, allows the character set for output to be changed (useful for some instances where dates are converted to localised abbreviations)
  • Fixed a bug in the web CGI version of TestLog  where if TEMPDIRABS was setup incorrectly or did not have write permissions it could cause  a crash or display a blank page
  • Fixed a possible crash when exiting TestLog after make a change in the customisation menu
  • Fixed a bug with importing CSV where an error could be thrown if a test suite already existed even if the overwrite option was selected

Version 3.0 build 1024 28/July/2008

  • Added warning message to status customisation window to prevent all status's from being deleted
  • Fixed bug where status were not properly deleted in the customise window when the new  number of status was less than the original
  • Fixed a bug where an invalid last export directory could cause a crash when trying to export test cases to CSV
  • Changed the way lock files are created/accessed to help prevent caching problems / deleting when opening databases across networks

Version 3.0 build 1023 20/June/2008

  • Added options Yes to All and No to all for some paste operations
  • Fixed a bug with overwrite dialog displaying the wrong test case name when multiple test cases are being overwritten and the "No" option was chosen
  • Fixed a bug with overwrite process where selecting a Yes/No choice functioned the same as Yes/No to all in some cases
  • Fixed a bug when trying to copy/paste from test cases to project test cases where choosing no to an overwrite would result in an incorrect error message
  • Fixed a bug with sorting where special characters (like ó) were ignored
  • Fixed a memory leak when exporting a project to web
  • Fixed a bug with filters not matching update date against test cases correctly

Version 3.0 build 1022 29/April/2008

  • Fixed a problem with status reports being generated with incorrect data values

Version 3.0 build 1021 18/April/2008

  • Enabled ID selection for column header right clicks so the ID field can be hidden/displayed as required
  • Changed how sessions files are read and written to try to avoid possible caching problems in web module
  • Current session cookie should be deleted now when logging out in web module
  • Added warning messages to HTML editor when trying to save more information than allowed per TestLog field
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in an error message when no test cases passed a filter for report generation
  • Fixed a bug in the standalone version that could cause a crash when creating reports
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to close a test case edit window with the external description browse file window still open
  • Fixed bug in project test case edit window where it was possible to have more than one browse file window open and switch between pages of edit dialog
  • Fixed bug with "+" symbols not being encoded properly in the web module, preventing some files from being accessed if they had a "+" in the ID
  • Fixed bug with cookies having non-case sensitive name matching in web version which would prevent login in some cases
  • Fixed bug where error message wasn't correctly displayed if a session file couldn't be accessed correctly
  • Fixed crash in HTML editor when amount of html data exceeded a certain amount
  • Fixed bug in HTML editor where saving file after entering data, particularly copy and pasting formatted data from word/excel, was not cleaning up the underlying HTML as well if the source wasn't viewed before saving (View -> Source)

Version 3.0 build 1020 13/March/2008

  • Added option to overwrite images directory when doing a web export (previous behavior did not offer the option and did not overwrite)
  • Fixed a bug where TestLog could not duplicate test cases with numeric only names and Incremental IDs option turned on
  • Fixed a bug in web access version where storing the session files on a FAT formatted hard drive would not allow users to log in
  • Fixed a bug with test case details report printing last entry twice when exported or viewed in web access version
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when closing a database that was recently opened and the show status icons in tree view option was turned on
  • Fixed a bug where an error message was not returned if a test suite was failing to be created properly when the path would exceed the Windows limit of 248 characters for folder creation
  • Fixed a bug where if a file move failed because the path was too long then the file could be deleted

Version 3.0 build 1019 8/February/2008

  • Removed redundant Help - contents menu item
  • Fixed bug with web module not displaying add bug button when field was empty
  • Fixed bug with lock files differing between cgi and standalone version
  • Fixed bug with report wizard attempting to create a report if project is empty
  • Fixed bug with export CSV where when file per suite option was selected and no trailing slash added to path it failed to create files
  • Fixed bug with report wizard where clicking back on the report type selection screen and then coming back to to it could allow the wizard to continue without a report selection

Version 3.0 build 1018 13/December/2007

  • Added option to convert <br> to carriage returns when exporting to CSV
  • Added logical sorting to HTML web export and web module of TestLog
  • Added test history information to test cases for display, HTML/web export and web module
  • Cleaned up the output of the project web export when exporting to 1 file, this was sometimes preventing IE from following internal links
  • Changed test case create date & time to match current date & time when creating a project test case from a generic test case
  • Changed lock file mechanism slightly so test suites are differentiated from test cases
  • When opening a Database that has been edited by a newer version of TestLog the warning message has been changed and now allows the option to continue opening the database.
  • Fixed bug where if a sub test suite existed had the same name as a test case and the "show status icons in treeview" option was checked the test suite would have an incorrect icon
  • Selecting Export to Web and Export to CSV menu items will now automatically select the current project if a sub directory is highlighted in the treeview
  • Added refresh menu item to file menu, same as refresh button on toolbar
  • Fixing bug where many fault report IDs could cause a crash when viewing a test case
  • Fixed bug with test suite extra details showing an undefined number for percentage passed if there were no test cases in the suite

Version 3.0 build 1017 15/November/2007

  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when converting a database to version 3
  • Fixed bug with test suite extra info not displaying
  • Fixed bug where some test cases were missing when creating test case list reports across a network
  • Fixed bug where clicking back to the suite selection page in the report wizard would accumulate suites rather than replace them
  • Fixed bug where "Searching.." text would remain in the status bar after a search was finished

Version 3.0 build 1016 10/October/2007

  • Removed extra Next button from report wizard
  • Fixed bug where file:// links to network drives could open the link twice
  • Fixed a bug where some parts of history entry might not be displayed
  • Fixed bug with history entry tags beings added to wrong position in XML file when multi editing
  • History entry tag now properly added after build, phase or version is changed when multi editing

Version 3.0 build 1015 3/October/2007

  • Added list position, sorted column and order when back button is clicked. This has not yet been added to the forward button.
  • Added new menu items to Project Reports folder menu and Report menu item to generate a report for the current project
  • Fixed crash when exporting project to web (one file) when using a template with a <TL_IMAGE> tag
  • Fixed some bugs with incorrectly formed links in the web export

Version 3.0 build 1014 25/September/2007

  • Added <!--TL_REMOTE_HEADING--> and <!--TL_REMOTE_DATA--> tags to the Tester templates so the web access permissions of a Tester can be seen easily without having to open the tester for editing
  • Some changes made to be more compatible with Windows Visa. Config files that were once saved in the TestLog Install directory are now saved in the Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data directory in XP and the ProgramData directory in Vista. Old config files will be converted and deleted automatically. The Sample database and user dictionary files (user added words for the spell checker) are now placed in this directory as well.
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a report gave it the wrong icon in the tree view
  • Fixed bug with redirecting on https
  • Fixed bug causing broken links to items with special characters (&[] etc) in their names
  • Fixed several crashes caused by attempting to use invalid menu items when no database is loaded.
  • Fixed an issue with the Install TestLog Key dialog displaying 0 time left if TestLog was already registered
  • Fixed a bug with the test suite links in web exports using "\" for paths instead of "/"
  • Fixed a crash caused when running TestLog remotely using web based login software

Version 3.0 build 1013, 17/August/2007

  • Fixed bug with project test cases replacing customized status with "not yet attempted" in the history entries and causing the progress report to be created incorrectly
  • Fixed bug causing time to be imported incorrectly for project test cases
  • Updated help documents with some more information on setting up the web module

Version 3.0 build 1012, 13/August/2007

  • More changes to web module to work with https
  • Fixed problem with "Evaluation version" being displayed in the TestLog title on registered version before a database was opened
  • Fixed some malformed html in the web module when editing the Test Phase field that could cause the Test Phase to appear blank
  • Fixed bug in default test case edit template with the Get Date button

Version 3.0 build 1011, 3/August/2007

  • Set to.. right click menu now uses the customized entries from the status list
  • Added add bug path equivalent to web module, there is now a button next to the fault report field when editing
  • Added %TESTCASE_PATH% to be parsed in requirements field and be replaced with current full path to test case
  • Added "Install TestLog key" menu item to settings menu
  • Added slightly larger left margin to stats/progress report
  • Changed filter edit and display to use customized headings for notes fields
  • Changed multi edit dialog to use combined date/time picket for last attempt date
  • Fixed a crash when exporting a project to web using the single file option
  • Fixed bug in web module where status + progress reports were not showing the project name and create time
  • Fixed bug in web module where editing and saving multi line fields could add extra empty lines
  • Fixed bug with web module not displaying priority text for test suite view
  • Fixed bug with web module not selecting current status when editing project test cases
  • Fixed bug where adding new items was not sorting  the tree view correctly
  • Changed web module to use https where appropriate for redirects
  • Fixed a bug with filters not comparing dates correctly

Version 3.0 build 1010, 6/July/2007

  • Added printing of sub test suites and sub test cases when printing an entire suite
  • Fixed bug with empty multiline edit fields being created as single line fields in web version if they were empty
  • Fixed a bug where editing a test case in the web module was causing updates to be saved as test creation entries
  • Fixed a bug causing an element to appear in an unsorted location in the listview after editing

Version 3.0 build 1009, 26/June/2007

  • Added configuration menu to HTML editor to save font, font size and table border settings
  • Added new :LOCKTIMEOUT: optional section to cgi config to allow for lock file timeouts, see help guide for more details
  • Fixed bug causing a crash with the web module with long paths
  • Changes made to HTML editor to be more compatible with windows 2000, should no longer add PRE tags at the start of every edit
  • Added remove all lock files option, right click menu so can be focused on a particular folder/branch
  • Added soft wrapping to multiline edit fields for web module
  • Changed test cases details report generation to use sorted list of suites when being created
  • Fixed bug allowing invalid characters for report name in report wizard generation

Version 3.0 build 1008, 16/May/2007

  • Fixed bug with default build field in customize options not being saved/loaded correctly
  • Fixed problem with status icon not being updated in treeview when creating a new test case
  • Added add user button to fill in the tester/author/update by for editing test cases in web access version with the current logged in user

Version 3.0 build 1007, 5/May/2007

  • Added "Get Date" button to edit templates for test cases and project test cases, this button will get the current time and date and fill in the corresponding fields
  • Added more checks when moving and renaming items in TestLog so that they wont exceed the windows max path limit
  • Added "preserve new lines" option to import dialogs to keep new lines in fields when importing
  • Fixed bug where resetting a test case could set it to an incorrect status value, therefore adding an extra history entry. When the test case is reset the default status selected in the customise options is used.
  • Fixed bug in web access version with last attempt dates being "N/A" preventing the test case from being saved
  • Fixed bug where and incorrect warning message was displayed when using the paste key button with a version 3 key

Version 3.0 build 1006, 24/April/2007

  • Fixed bug with logical sorting with numbers in names
  • Fixed bug with progress report not counting some values properly resulting in lower totals
  • Adding link highlighting to external results fields when being displayed if it is a file link
  • Drag and drop of folders in the treeview should now  prompt for overwrites
  • Fixed bug with lock icon appearing in tree view after renaming an item

Version 3.0 build 1005, 17/April/2007

  • Changed behavior of the customize status list, can move status's up or down the list and this is the order they appear in the drop down box during edit. The first entry is also used as the default entry. Please make sure to check this value is a status that makes sense for your existing database.
  • Changed report wizard to allow selection of individual suites and sub suites. Command line changed report generation changed as well.
  • Added distinction in error message between being unable to open file and wrong format for cgiconfig.cfg.
  • More than 20 builds and versions can now be saved. The order they appear in the customized list is the order they are displayed in the drop down box during edit
  • Fixed a possible crash in the conversion process
  • Fixed a crash caused by long ID's
  • Fixed a crash caused by accented characters in ID's  when treeview was sorting
  • Some changes made to reporting to allow for instances  where the status of a test case no longer matches the  defined custom status

Version 3.0 build 1004, 5/April/2007

  • Changed behavior of new project test cases to not select a build/version from the list by default
  • Added default build / version selection in the default values of the customization options
  • Changed sorting behavior in list and tree view to sort logically, interpreting numbers in the information being sorted
  • Fixed bug with testlog:// links when converting to project test cases if there was a "%20" in the link
  • Added back and forward buttons to toolbar and as menu item
  • Fixed bug where creating a new project test case (not using an existing test case as a template) would not create a history entry
  • Fixed bug in HTML editor where delete row was not deleting the correct row
  • Fixed bug with paste as text deleting everything in field. Removed paste as text menu item, "Paste" now removes formatting from text on the clipboard before pasting
  • Fixed some test case to project test case conversion issue with some fields missing until project test  case was opened/saved
  • Fixed problem with priority not being imported correctly
  • Added date and time footer when printing option, enables page, data and time to be added when printing
  • Fixed bug with status bar not refreshing count after an F5 refresh or duplicating an item


Version 3.0 build 1003, 23/March/2007

  • Changed behavior of edit in the web access module, now redirecting to the parent item if the edit link was clicked there
  • Changed behavior of edit in the web access module edit where not entering seconds for times preventing test cases from being saved until the seconds added. Time in HH:MM format is now accepted as well as HH:MM:SS, also clarified the error message displayed for an incorrect time Fixed a bug where copying from TestLog, and then opening the html editor and pasting was causing TestLog to hang
  • Fixed problem with template files missing the TITLE_DATA tag, causing "Title" to be shown instead of the actual title for test suites
  • Fixed bug with new test cases/ project test cases overwriting existing same named files
  • Fixed bug with title fields accepting more than 256 characters, which could cause list reports and other views to crash
  • Fixed bug with custom configuration dialog not enforcing the correct maximum length for report strings.
  • Fixed problem with CGI not using custom test types or custom note headings
  • Fixed welcome dialog bug where canceling from “browse for database” opened the sample database
  • Fixed problem with fault report ID not selecting an existing entry in the list when opening for editing
  • Fixed fault reports IDs not being links and added linking for requirements fields when displayed. Also added :VIEWBUGPATH:, :VIEWREQPATH: to cgi config file
  • Fixed problem with build and version tested fields crashing if too many characters entered
  • Fixed Windows DEP problem causing TestLog to crash on startup without any error notice. On install TestLog now adds an entry to the windows registry to exempt it from DEP settings.
  • Fixed problem with list reports not showing in web access module.


Version 3.0 build 1002, 8/March/2007

  • Changed current time button on project test case edit to retrieve local times instead of system time
  • Changed web export project links to correct case
  • Added new error message and warnings when creating a project will exceed or come close to exceeding the windows path length
  • Fixed bug with projects and test suites being removed from list when edited
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when copying files to path that exceeds the windows limit
  • Fixed bug with version and build values not being saved when edited in the customize fields dialog
  • Fixed problem with tree view not selecting right node after id was edited
  • Fixed bug with dates sorting in opposite direction to sort arrow
  • Fixed a bug with the template files having a heading tag appear twice instead of the data tag
  • Fixed a bug where when a progress report was created the project file wasn't being closed correctly and preventing access to other operations

Version 3.0 build 1001, 1/March/2007

  • Added automatic conversion of testlog:// links when dragging test cases into a project
  • Added spell checker to HTML editor
  • Added error message to web access module when unable to create a lock file due to permissions problems
  • Fixed a bug with the testlog:// links and linking to test cases, if the "projects" part of the url was missing it would not open the link.
  • Fixed a bug with the notes 1 & notes 2 html edit saving to the wrong field
  • Fixed a bug where the <phase> tag in the project test case history could be missing a closing tag
    if it was empty
  • Fixed a bug in the filter where multiple entries separated by just a "," instead of ", " were not being matched correctly. This applied mainly to the resources and config fields.
  • Fixed a bug in the filters where some HTML entities were not being converted correctly such as &, and failing to match
  • Fixed a bug in the project test case multi edit where the status list wasn't being correctly populated
  • Removed the <p> added to fields automatically where new lines were entered and at the start of the field, replaced with <br> tags

Version 3.0 build 1000, 20/February/2007

  • A new web access (CGI) module is available for viewing databases over the internet using a web server
  • Added HTML editing of test cases to allow for greater formatting options. A built in editor will be started for editing the test case or you can use another html editor
  • Customizable status values
  • Customizable report strings
  • Added a new system to allow greater customization of the display of items in TestLog. Most items will have a HTML template file that can be edited to change the style and order of displayed fields or hide fields completely
  • Added a dialog for the conversion function when converting databases from old versions to the latest version.
  • Added a new Requirements field for test cases and project test cases as well as new view button and external requirements tool path section to options
  • Report names can now be edited when creating a single report in the wizard before saving
  • Multiple reports can be created at the same time, using the wizard for, a single database
  • Added auto directory monitoring and updates of tree view for systems
  • Can double click on items in test list reports and the corresponding project test case will be opened. Only available in list reports with the ID and Suite field, these fields are now mandatory for creating list reports
  • Added set to other and postponed right click menu items for updating all test cases.
  • Added yes/yes to all/no/no to all confirmation dialogs when copy/pasting files throughout TestLog
  • Added "Browse for database" option to startup dialog
  • Changed behavior of the "Show status icons in treeview" option so that the icons are updated after the tree view is displayed so TestLog will load a database faster
  • Added linking to test cases from other test cases, add a link with Testlog://, see user guide for more information.
  • Build and Version fields are now a drop down list and can be edited in the Customize Fields item in the settings menu
  • Added progress indicator in console when running TestLog using command line parameters to generate reports and web exports
  • Updated command line arguments, added ability to name a report when using the command line
  • Last screen position and size of the TestLog application are now retained between sessions
  • Column widths and positions for the list views are now retained between sessions
  • Columns in list views can be hidden/shown by right clicking on the list headers
  • New look icon and splash screen graphic
  • Moved <history_entry> tags in project test cases to be within the <project_test_case> tags so it should now be interpreted by xml readers correctly
  • Cancelling out of the open database dialog no longer closes the current database
  • Can now cancel from the find dialog during a search
  • Custom dictionary file is no longer overwritten when a new version of TestLog is installed
  • Cancelling from startup dialog will no longer quit from TestLog and instead start TestLog with no database loaded
  • Added a warning dialog when switching between databases if the current tester doesn't exist and added an option to select a tester from the database being opened
  • Added a confirmation dialog when closing test cases and project test cases without saving if changes have been made
  • Changed Ctrl-P shortcut key to "Print", added Ctrl-J for "Create new project"
  • Changed sorting of priority field in list views to be based on priority value instead of alphabetic

Version 2.1 build 1016, 28/June/2006

  • Fixed a bug that could cause files to be copied incorrectly or lost when dragging into a path that exceeded the windows path limit
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when using command line arguments.

Version 2.1 build 1015, 5/May/2006

  • Fixed bug where test suites with a "&" in their name were incorrectly imported from CSV
  • Fixed bug where test cases, project test cases and filters would not be created properly if there was "&" in the ID
  • Fixed bug where if deleting multiple items in the list view and one item was unable to be deleted the rest of the selected items would not be deleted

Version 2.1 build 1014, 19/April/2006

  • Fixed a bug with the status report not displaying properly
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash if clicking on the column of a list before it had fully loaded
  • Fixed a bug where duplicating/copying projects wasn't working properly

Version 2.1 build 1013, 17/February/2006

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing test case and project test case sub directories from being copied when copying the parent directory.

Version 2.1 build 1012, 14/February/2006

  • Changed the way View Bug works for local programs so that the bug id should now be interpreted as a parameter
  • When copying a test suite, non TestLog related sub directories will now be ignored

Version 2.1 build 1011, 31/January/2006

  • Fixed bug causing a crash when running on Windows98 when editing a project test case.

Version 2.1 build 1010, 12/January/2006

  • Improved the old version warning message when attempting to open a database with an older version of TestLog than the one that last accessed it
  • Fixed a bug where if a database open failed because of the old version check the database could then be opened by the old version anyway
  • Fixed bug where attempting to rename an entry in a test list report caused a crash
  • Fixed bug where changing the ID in a test case to the same name but with a different case caused a renaming error to appear
  • Fixed some problems with the automatic selection of a user when opening a database

Version 2.1 build 1009, 29/December/2005

  • Fixed a bug where clicking multiple test cases too fast was causing a crash
  • Corrected several spelling mistakes in some warning messages

Version 2.1 build 1008, 12/December/2005

  • Expand field buttons added for notes field to test cases edit and appropriate fields for project edit
  • Mechanisms have been added to prevent two simultaneous uses overwriting the same file when using incremental IDs on new/duplicate
  • Fixed bug where test list reports were not displaying colored icons correctly
  • Fixed bug that caused TestLog to crash if a path that didn't contain a database was entered when opening a database
  • Fixed bug where option changes were not immediately saved

Version 2.1 build 1007, 11/November/2005

  • Fixed bug preventing filters from working correctly for some fields
  • Fixed bug that caused a crash when editing the options if no database was loaded
  • Fixed a bug with the multi edit that was preventing resource ids and actual duration from being changed
  • Reduced the number of spaces a tab character corresponds to when being displayed, this may affect formatting that relies heavily on tabs
  • Changed some warning message when importing CSV files

Version 2.1 build 1006, 4/October/2005

  • Added the title for test suites to the suite index for the web export
  • Fixed several GDI leaks
  • Fixed bug where test suites / test cases were being excluded from the web export when exporting as single file

Version 2.1 build 1005, 20/September/2005

  • Fixed bug where trying to create a progress report using a filter could fail
  • Fixed bug where copying a test case to a project test suite could give an "Unable to open file" error
  • Fixed bug where copying a project test suite to itself could copy recursively
  • Fixed bug where installing TestLog over an older version could cause errors at startup and not save changes to the config file
  • TestLog will now attempt to convert an old config file when upgrading to a new version. If the config file could not be upgraded the settings will be reset.
  • Spelling checker changed so that the current field is only checked for newly entered words rather than scanning every time it is selected. For behavior similar to the old style check the "Auto spell check on load" option in the options dialog.

Version 2.1 build 1004, 22/August/2005

  • Added postponed and other to progress report, custom report colours may need to be set again
  • Added test suite location to test cases in test case details report
  • Added fault report field to project test case list view
  • Fixed bug in test cased details report where ' characters were not being translated properly for the title when being displayed
  • Fixed bug that was preventing single items from being copy / pasted sometimes
  • Fixed bug that was preventing test suites being copied directly to the project test cases directory
  • Fixed bug where a path with spaces could be stored in the link fields but could not be opened using the launch button
  • Fixed bug where if a project test case has no status and is multi edited to change the status or one of the "Set to pass/fail" functions is used then the missing status value was not replaced
  • Fixed bug where if a project test case had no status it used the icon from the project test case above it, changed to use the white default icon
  • Changed new test case creation dialog so that the last attempt date is no longer automatically checked
  • Fixed bug where percentage of test cases complete statistic was missing when a status report was exported to web.

Version 2.1 build 1003, 26/July/2005

  • Added new options to show/hide the start up dialog and for adding the current user automatically to an edited test case
  • Added a column for "Testers" to the list view for project test cases
  • Fixed bug where the window title could still display "Evaluation Version" after entering a registration key
  • Fixed bug where the update date wasn't being changed correctly when editing a project test case
  • Fixed bug where copy/pasting a test case and a test suite at the same time would cause TestLog to crash
  • Fixed bug where actual duration, expected duration and test attempts could be reset to 0 when using multi edit
  • Fixed a bug where list report data could be out of synch with the headings

Version 2.1 build 1002, 28/June/2005

  • Added command line parameters to external links fields
  • Changes to support windows security settings and permissions better when trying to edit, create and view files
  • Added ability to link to external web based bug trackers

Version 2.1 build 1001, 6/June/2005

  • Fixed tab order on project test case and test case edit dialogs
  • The text on the "Set Actual" and "Set Expected" explaining the behavior was the wrong way around. The definitions have been swapped.

Version 2.1 build 1000, 2/June/2005

  • Spelling checker added, see "Options"
  • Added item name that is currently being searched to status bar when using "Find"
  • Added status icons to test list reports
  • Fixed bug where "Find" could skip every second test case.
  • Fixed bug where status icons in treeview weren't refreshing properly.
  • Fixed bug with web export from command line where files were not being created properly
  • Stopped refreshing lists after canceling out of an edit
  • Fixed bug where TestLog could crash after and edit

Version 2.0 build 1001, 11/May/2005

  • Fixed bug where the expansion button for the test description in a test case opened the wrong field. Also corrected the tab order of this button.
  • Fixed bug where the customised name for the results notes field in a project test case was not being used in the title of the pop up window from the expansion button.

Version 2.0 build 1000, 9/May/2005

New Features

  • Sub directory support added for Test Suites and Project Test Suites.
  • Incremental document ID's when create new items and duplicating.
  • Added two new columns to status report, changed the "Total time for completed tests" to show only the time taken for tests marked as pass.
  • Added command line options for generating reports
  • Added new icons to reflect test case status in list view and tree view
  • Added "Options" menu item in "Settings" menu. It contains options to for enabling disabling incremental ID's on new & duplicate, showing project test case status icons in tree view and showing extra information for test suites and project test suites in list view.
  • Columns in list view can be reordered as required.
  • Added history tab to project test case edit dialog. Can view the various history entries for a particular test case and change the dates if required.
  • Changed font in graphical reports
  • Increased some field sizes in the project test case edit dialog
  • Added new "Priority" field to test cases and project test cases (lowest - low - medium - high - highest)
  • Added "Priority" field to filters and list reports and project test case multiedit
  • Added more information in status bar at the bottom of TestLog, now displays a count of how many items are in the current folder (and how many were filtered out). Also displays a count of processed items for certain operations (such as refreshing, pasting etc)
  • Test case details report will print on a new page for each new test case
  • Able to print multiple documents from list view by highlighting them and choosing to print
  • Changed size of created image files for progress and status reports when exported to web
  • Added scrolling to the tree view when dragging an item
  • Added option for export to web to export as 1 file
  • Currently selected item in Tree view remains highlighted when the tree view loses focus
  • Set User now displays the testers name in the drop down list as well as the ID
  • Automatic adding of current user to project test case in "Testers" field when a user edits the project test case
  • Added link highlighting for URLs beginning with "file://", "www.", "https://" and "ftp://"
  • Can now open a selected tree view or list view item by pressing enter
  • Added buttons to reorder items in the list in "Customise Test Types" and "Customise Test Phases"
  • Made headings for Progress and Status report more descriptive, included the project name and create date in their heading.
  • All dates are now displayed in dd-MMM-YYYY format eg 23-Mar-2005
  • New look icons
  • Improved find, highlights search term when found
  • Can use Ctrl-a to select all text when viewing an item
  • Added notes fields to filter to do a partial string match
  • Added hotkeys for create menu items
    • Project - ctrl-p
    • Test Case - ctrl-t
    • Test Suite - ctrl-y
    • Tester - ctrl-u
    • Resource - ctrl-r
    • Configuration - ctrl-e
  • Increased max length for ID field for items from 32 to 64 characters.
  • Can now cancel during an export to web
  • Can now convert Project Test Cases back to the Test Cases branch
  • Added "Check For Updates" menu option to "Help" menu to check for a newer version of TestLog
  • Added extra information in the list view when displaying test suites and project test suites, this includes the total expected duration, total actual durations and percent passed.
  • Added an "Apply" button to the "Display Style" edit dialog to preview the new stylesheet. An item that uses the style sheet (such as a test case) must be displayed in the background for this to be of use.
  • Added a new user customisable notes field for Project Test Cases
  • Added customisable colours for Progress and Status reports, can change them in the "Customise Fields" dialog under the "Settings" menu.
  • Added button and icon for "Find" to tool bar
  • Added "Find & Replace" to the "Edit" menu
  • Added new pop up dialog to Test Case and Project Test Case edit dialogs to provide more field space for typing.
  • Changed filter behavior for the "Fault Report ID" field to do a substring match

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where deleting a report from the list view would remove the parent folder until a refresh
  • Fixed bug where a url with ":" was not being highlighted correctly
  • Fixed incorrect XML close tag in file for <test_suite>
  • Fixed bug where font could be printed incorrectly as garbage characters
  • Fixed bug where choosing "About" from the "Help" menu cause a crash where user name was greater than 30 characters
  • Fixed bug where files marked as archived/compressed may not appear in TestLog
  • Fixed bug where invalid characters could be added when renaming a file and corrupt the filename
  • Changes to headings when displaying items and in the edit dialogs capitalise the start of all words
  • Fixed bug where trailing and leading space characters weren't being trimmed from the id properly when creating test cases and project test cases
  • Fixed bug where external link fields with a URL using "file://", "https://" and "ftp://" weren't properly opened with the "Launch" button and could cause problems with the "Browse" button
  • Fixed a problem created by WindowsXP SP2 that prevented copying of selected text. Can now copy a selection of text again when viewing a test case, project test case etc.
  • Removed some artifacts in columns headings caused by sort direction arrows
  • Fixed bug where when dragging an item, the initial position of the cursor was set to lower than the item position, causing the dragged item and cursor to jump position
  • Fixed bug where choosing to create a new test case on an invalid folder could cause a crash
  • Fixed bug where angle brackets "<>" would not be displayed properly in test case title
  • Fixed bug when using report wizard if an item in the treeview has been selected and in the process of renaming could cause a crash
  • Fixed bug where resizing a graphical report could cause the right click menu to become unavailable
  • Fixed bug where a created status report would display empty if the status events were before the start of the project. Where possible, reports generated with the old version will be displayed correctly

Version 1.7 build 1019, 16/February/2005

  • Fixed a bug where "external description link" field wasn't being imported correctly from csv for project test cases
  • Changed the status report to display planned time and actual time for "passed" instead of "completed" tests

Version 1.7 build 1018, 8/February/2005

  • Fixed bug where entering "http://" into a field with no following address would cause a crash when viewed

Version 1.7 build 1017, 24/January/2005

  • Fixed bug where trying to export test cases when none existed caused a crash

Version 1.7 build 1016, 24/November/2004

  • Changed some right click menus to remove some redundant items

Version 1.7 build 1015, 23/November/2004

  • Added "Update all test cases" menu item when right clicking on a test suite
  • Fixed bug where choosing "Edit" from the right click menu for a tester or resource would not open the edit dialog
  • Fixed bug where right hand list view wasn't refreshing sometimes after an edit

Version 1.7 build 1014, 18/November/2004

  • Fixed bug where test case title was not being exported correctly for "Export to web"
  • Added "Update all test cases" menu item when right clicking on a project test suite

Version 1.7 build 1013, 8/September/2004

  • Fixed bug causing "Expected Duration" to be displayed as default when editing a test case

Version 1.7 build 1012, 7/September/2004

  • Fixed bug where a username of greater than 30 characters caused the "About" window to crash

Version 1.7 build 1011, 31/August/2004

  • Fixed bug where files that are set to be archived may not be opened and displayed in TestLog.
  • Fixed bug where clicking the report wizard button could cause a crash if there were no projects present in the database.

Version 1.7 build 1009, 10/June/2004

  • Fixed bug where expected duration was always being set to the default in test cases during edit, which was also causing the last update date and update author to be automatically saved

Version 1.7 build 1008, 17/May/2004

  • Fixed bug where if you create a project test case with a name that already exists, changed the name and then clicked ok again would not create the file as expected.
  • Fixed bug where trying to create a report with a filter that no test cases passed caused a crash when pressing cancel
  • Added ability to turn off error messages during import
  • Changed test case & project test case edit so last update date is changed to current date after clicking OK (instead of when opening) if there has been changes made and if the update date has not been changed.
  • Changed test case and project test case edit so update author is changed to the current user after clicking OK (instead of when opening) if there has been changes made and if the update author has not been changed
  • Added default values to be used when there are blank fields when importing test cases and project test cases. Actual duration will default to 0:0, create date and update date will default to the current date and expected duration will use the default value set though the customise fields dialog.

Version 1.7 build 1007, 7/May/2004

  • Fixed bug where adding a new item with a "." in the name created duplicate copies in the left hand side treeview until a refresh
  • Changed so trailing "." are only removed from test suites, they can still be added to test case names
  • Fixed bug where after using the search function, any files that were found and displayed were unable to be renamed or edited until the database was reopened
  • Added a new section to customise options - "Default values". Can add default value for expected duration to be used when creating new test cases and project test case

Version 1.7 build 1006, 30/April/2004

  • Fixed bug where viewing a test resource could cause Testlog to crash
  • Fixed bug where viewing folders could cause a crash in windows NT

Version 1.7 build 1005, 29/April/2004

  • Fixed bug where test list report was printed without the "Test Suite" heading
  • Fixed bug where if a test suite id begins or ends with "." characters it was not displayed properly. "." can not appear as first or last characters in a test suite id.
  • Fixed bug where deleting from the listview, after duplicating in list view, was not deleting properly and causing the parent item to be removed until a refresh

Version 1.7 build 1004, 19/April/2004

  • Fixed bug where very long path names caused TestLog to crash

Version 1.7 build 1003, 6/April/2004

  • Fixed bug where double clicking in list view with no items selected or an empty list view caused TestLog to crash

Version 1.7 build 1002, 25/March/2004

  • Fixed bug where extra folders/files in database directory could cause web export to crash
  • Changed CSV import so extra blank lines at top of file aren't needed, also added a new date format (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Changed layout of dialogs again to work better with 800x600
  • Changed filters so the "Created by" and "Last update by" fields use a list of the "Testers" defined for the database
  • Added warnings and ability to change ID's when editing if ID is over 32 chars
  • Added automatic selection of first field (Status) in "Execution results" section of project test case when editing instead of ID field
  • Reduced time taken to sort items in the list view
  • Added sorting for test list report
  • Fixed bug with display of (pre 1.7) test case details reports

Version 1.7 build 1001, 15/March/2004

  • Fixed bug preventing copying/pasting text
  • Fixed bug preventing renaming a test suite/project test suite from the left hand side tree view when accessing a database on a XP/2000 server
  • Fixed bug where new project test case created with "pass" as default status, changed to "not yet attempted"
  • Fixed bug where http:// links in project test case fields weren't exported to web as <a> links

Version 1.7 build 1000,10/March/2004

New Features

  • Added customisation options, can change the field name for "Notes 1" and "Notes 2" and the values for test types and test phases
  • Added ability to select and change the current user, corresponding to the testers in a database
  • Added browse button to the" new database" dialog
  • Changed the existing CSV and web export "browse" functions to have the "make new directory" option
  • Added search functionality under "Edit"
  • Added a list of recently opened databases in the "File" menu that can be selected to open the database
  • Added URL highlighting in rich edit fields and when displaying
  • Added new link field to project test case, "external result link", and renamed the original "link to external document" field "external description link"
  • Added CSV export for test cases
  • Added CSV export for test list reports
  • Adding CSV import for project test cases
  • Added some data validation when importing test cases and project test cases
  • Added test suite information to web export
  • Added Fault report id field to test list report
  • Added suite field to test list report
  • Added file association for database ( .tdb) files

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where "Last update by" for test case couldn't be changed
  • Fixed problem with progress report where creating a progress report using test cases that were created or edited before the actual or planned start date of a project caused negative values.
  • Pie chart bug fixed where some segments of the pie chart weren't calculated properly
  • Changed some dialog layouts to be more consistent
  • Fixed bug where test resources were not being unlocked properly after an edit

Version 1.6 build 1009, 27/January/2004

  • Fixed bug in report wizard causing the wrong data to be added to the "select test suites" list box

Version 1.6 build 1008, 20/January/2004

  • "Link to external document" field will now accept and open web pages (eg http://www.passmark.com)
  • Adding trailing 0 to times where needed eg 1:1 becomes 1:10
  • Fixed bug where the "Last attempt" date in a project test case was always being exported to csv, even if the "Last attempt" date wasn't active
  • Fixed bug where adding large amounts of data to multiline fields could cause a crash.

Version 1.6 build 1007, 16/January/2004

  • Changed the formatting of dates in report names when created to add leading 0 for numbers so they will sort properly eg 2004-01-01
  • When changing a column size in the right hand list views, that size is maintained while testlog is still running (eg if you increase the width of the ID column it will stay that wide when switching between different test suties)
  • The column and sort direction of the right hand list view is maintained when the list is refreshed
  • Fixed bug where test cases could be renamed to > 32 characters.
  • Fixed bug where changing the test case ID in the edit window didn't change the name of the test case in the treeview
  • Fixed bug where "Actual end date" in project was being displayed instead of N/A if a value wasnt entered
  • Fixed bug with filter causing wrong values to be put in a list box for created by and update authors
  • Fixed bug with filter where "Created by" values weren't being saved properly
  • Fixed bug with filter where multiple conditions were being displayed wrong
  • Fixed bug where refreshing the databse using the refresh button caused the currently selected filter to be changed to "No filter"
  • Fixed bug where multi edit was allowing invalid data to be entered

Version 1.6 build 1006, 12/December/2003


  • Fixed bug in html export of test list reports where some fields were not exported correctly
  • Fixed a problem in several of the provided stylesheets that was causing headings to overlap when text was wrapping


Version 1.6 build 1005, 3/December/2003

  • Added 'Build tested' field to project test case
  • Added 'Testers' option to test list report
  • Added 'Fault ID' and 'Build tested' options to filter
  • Added filter details to status and progress reports when generated
  • Added 'Postponed' test status
  • Made 'Last Update Author' field in project test cases able to be edited and saved properly
  • Fixed bug with test list report where resizing headings would clip the text too much
  • Fixed bug where 'copy' right click menu item for status and project reports wasn't working
  • Fixed bug allowing creation of a project test case with no name


Version 1.6 build 1004, 11/November/2003
  • The first choice in each report wizard section is automatically selected.
  • The currently selected project is selected as the default when using the report wizard
  • TAB characters are now represented in the right display window
  • Fixed refresh bug where filter menu wasn't being updated properly
Version 1.6 build 1003, 10/November/2003
  • Added ability to use F5 to refresh the currently selected item and all it's children, and a refresh button to refresh entire project
  • Can now use edit menu (copy/paste etc) in all applicable fields in editing dialogs
  • Added file locking to test suites, project test suites and projects which were overlooked in the previous version.
  • Fixed issues with display styles, display style is now selected for an instance of Testlog and all databases opened in that instance of testlog used the selected style.
  • Fixed list report printing bug
  • Fixed bug where ampisand was wrongly displayed
  • Fixed bug where using an ampisand in an ID field caused problems
Version 1.6 build 1002, 4/November/2003
  • Fixed bug causing web export to crash
  • Fixed bug causing some fields when exported to web to be missing the last character
  • Fixed bug causing some dates to be displayed incorrectly when exported to web
Version 1.6 build 1001, 31/October/2003

New Features

  • Status reports changed to 3D
  • File locking implemented to prevent two users editing the same test case at the same time
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where some characters weren't being displayed properly
  • Resized some dialogs to work better with 800x600 resolution
  • Fixed bug where opening a database didn't refresh filter menu properly
Version 1.5 build 1002, 8/October/2003
  • Fixed bug in html output where </tr> tag was not being written sometimes
  • Swapped position of "Status" and "Attempts" with "Hours expected" and "Actual hours" in project test case list view
Version 1.5 build 1001, 24/September/2003
  • Added option in report wizzard of selcting specific test suites to create report from
  • New method of displaying - added ability to change color, font, size, borders and background colours through use of a stylesheet
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when unable to convert database
  • Fixed bug where .tdb files being renamed from TestLogDatabase.tdb caused conversion problems
Version 1.4 build 1002, 5/September/2003
  • Fixed bug causing 'Test Case Details' report to be created incorrectly in some cases
  • Fixed bug where Test Cases were not properly converted to Project Test Cases when copied into a project
Version 1.4 build 1001, 21/August/2003
  • Report Wizard added to help generate reports, now allowing filters to be used when creating a report
  • 2 new report types added
  • Fixed bug where icons were being displayed incorrectly when using Windows 98
Version 1.3 build 1001, 8/August/2003
  • Filtering implemented for test cases and project test cases
  • Some extra error checking added
  • Fixed bug where closing database would leave the right hand side list view still open
  • Fixed several memory leaks
Version 1.2 build 1001, 15/July/2003

New Features

  • Export Project from TestLog to CSV format
  • Export Project from TestLog to web page
  • List view columns now sort when clicked and sort direction is represented graphically
  • Two extra data fields ("notes 1" and "notes 2") added to Test Cases and Project Test Cases
  • “Version tested” and "Link to external document" fields added to Project Test Cases
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with with status report chart which caused a small value to completely fill chart Changing default setting of fields
  • Fixed crash bug when Import from CSV was used with invalid data
  • Fixed display bug where in some fields apostrophes were being displayed wrong
  • Fixed bug allowing Test Cases to be dragged into a directory containing an existing Test Case with the same name
  • Fixed bug where using the right-click menu option on test suites did not delete them
  • Fixed problem with edit windows where the window would close if there was invalid data entered, without allowing corrections to be made
  • Fixed bug allowing illegal characters to be entered for test case ID/Filename
Version 1.1 build 1002, 30/June/2003
  • Fixed bug causing a crash on Windows 2000 after 'Don't load any database option' is selected at startup
Version 1.1 build 1001, 4/June/2003
  • Added Import from CSV functionality to allow import of any existing customer test case databases.

Version 1.0 build 1006, 23/May/2003
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Exit menu item from working
Version 1.0 build 1005, 19/May/2003
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed printing bug which appeared on some systems.
  • Fixed crash bug when Print menu item was selected without any context in the tree window.
Version 1.0, 28/Mar/2003
  • Minor bug fixes. Pricing information and help.
Version 1.0, 12/Mar/2003
  • First full release